Citable versions of my essays can be found in my book Neuroqueer Heresies.

When referencing my work, please remember that my pronouns are she/her.


Interview: Ripples of Goodwill (2011)

Throw Away the Master’s Tools (2011, revised 2013)

Neurodiversity: Some Basic Terms & Definitions (2014)

What Is Autism? (2014)

Neurotypical Psychotherapists & Autistic Clients (2014)

Autism & the Pathology Paradigm (2016)

Interview: The Awkwardness of Being Human (2020)

Person-First Language Is the Language of Autistiphobic Bigots (2021)

Neuroqueer: An Introduction (2015, revised 2021)

Toward a Neuroqueer Future (2021)

Nick Walker Author Interview by Ada Hoffmann (2021)

Interview: Neuroqueering the Future (2022) NEW!


Video and podcast interviews can be found here.