Citable versions of my essays, along with background information and additional commentary, can be found in my book Neuroqueer Heresies.

Please note that approximately two-thirds of the material in Neuroqueer Heresies does not appear on this site and is available only in the book.

When referencing my work, please remember that my pronouns are she/her.


Interview: Ripples of Goodwill (2011)

Throw Away the Master’s Tools (2011, revised 2013)

Neurodiversity: Some Basic Terms & Definitions (2014)

What Is Autism? (2014)

Neurotypical Psychotherapists & Autistic Clients (2014)

Autism & the Pathology Paradigm (2016)

Interview: The Awkwardness of Being Human (2020)

Person-First Language Is the Language of Autistiphobic Bigots (2021)

Neuroqueer: An Introduction (2015, revised 2021)

Toward a Neuroqueer Future (2021)

Nick Walker Author Interview by Ada Hoffmann (2021)

Interview: Neuroqueering the Future (2022)


Video and podcast interviews can be found here.